Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Aromatherapy massage works on the olfactory system which is the body’s way of altering moods by different smells. Throughout our lives we collect memories that can be triggered by different smells and senses. It is with this in mind that aromatherapy helps to rebalance the body, by using oils appropriate to the client’s need.

Aromatherapy is an ideal treatment to have over a period of time, particularly to aid times of stress and disruption that can be caused by modern day living. Aromatherapy oils are blended to help alleviate the symptoms of ibs, migraines, anxiety, fatigue and depression. The style of massage itself is a gentle, soothing type of massage. Generally the oils will remain in the blood stream for 24 hours after the treatment, so helping to prolong the benefit of the treatment.

Treatments are carried out at our home based salon in Luton.