Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions asked about our health and beauty treatment services.

Why should I use a skin care routine and not soap and water for my face?

Caring for your skin has become more important than ever due to the enviromental factors around us today. Soap and water has a stripping effect on the skin which over-time will cause your skin to become sensitized. This can lead to constant redness, angry inflammed looking congestion and a tight feeling to the skin. Buying products specific to your skin type is far more cost effective in the long run. You will use less product and find that you will have a range you can stick to, rather than having to change products each time.

Are anti-aging products simply a con?

Fighting the signs of aging is something that we are all aware of. As food has become more mass produced the body struggles to have enough nutrients to pass on to the surface layers of the skin. Using the multi-vitamin product range, from Dermalogica:

  • Multivitamin power concentrate
  • Multivitamin power firm for eyes and lips
  • Multivitamin power recovery masque

Will ensure that your skin has a topical application of vitamins which will aid the fight against free-radicals. This will minimise the appearance of fine lines and help strengthen the skin to prevent future damage. These products will also assist in that process:

  • Intensive eye repair
  • Total eye care
  • Power rich
What can I do to help my teenager's acne?

Acne, as we all know, is often triggered by hormonal changes within the body. However for image conscious teenagers today they want help to combat that red angry skin. By using the Dermalogica range for oily and senzitised skin the skin will soon become soothed and calmed.

  • Oil control lotion
  • Active moist
  • Medicated clearing gel
  • Anti-bac cooling masque

Booking in for a complimentary face mapping will ensure that the correct products are used and skin care advice will be given in a confidential environment. Dermalogica foundations are ideal to help minimise the appearance of breakouts. The non-comegenic ingredients will ensure that the skin does not become more aggrivated.

How can I help my husband care for his sensitized skin?

Most men want a skin care routine that is quick and easy to use. However, often men who work outside develop red, angry looking skin which is caused by environmental damage. Using Dermalogica’s climate control will help soothe this damaged skin making it less sensitized.

Are SPF's necessary all year round?

As we are exposed to more environmental damage to our skin than ever before, it is essential to always have spf protection with your moisturiser. Even on the dullest of British days, the uv rays will cause damage to your skin. Dermalogica offers several solutions to the problem.

  • Sheer tint moisture light
  • Sheer tint moisture medium
  • Sheer tint moisture dark
  • Solar booster
  • Oil free matt block
  • Supersensitive faceblock
  • Extra rich faceblock
  • Day bright

You can choose your favourite daily moisturiser and then add the solar defense booster in the mornings.

  • Oil free mattblock
  • Supersensitive faceblock
  • Extra rich faceblock

This will provide you with an spf of 30, ensuring your skin will be protected even on holiday. You can carry on using this routine all year round, or in the winter months swap to sheer moisture spf 15, sheer redness relief, spf 15 or choose one of the new moisturisers from the solar defense range!

Not only will the spf prevent skin disease, it will also minimise pigmentation and reduce the signs of aging caused by sunlight.

What is so unique about face mapping?

We all know that most people have a combination skin type. However with Dermalogica’s face mapping system it is possible to be more specific about the different skin types in each zone. Once you have had a face mapping, you will have the information you need on your main skin care concerns. Also, with the Dermalogica facial, the therapist will use face mapping to ensure that you have the appropriate masks on each zone to ensure a totally personalised treatment for your skin.

Can I just use Equilibrium as an on-line shop?

Yes of course, Equilibrium on-line is here to make shopping as easy as possible for you. Either select the products yourself, using the descriptions provided, or if you do need assistance, send us an e-mail and we will help you make your selections.

My skin type appears to have changed since I've become pregnant, can you help with this?

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy women often find that there skin type changes. By booking in for a complimentary face mapping we can advise on products to help with these changes. The skin often develops more pigmentation areas during this time pregnancy and can stay more surceptable to this problem.

If this is a concern to you then the skin brightening system will really help with the irregular patches. This system comes in three parts. Daily microfoliant will help to brighten the skin. Day bright is to be used over your normal moisturiser. It is very effective at providing good coverage for pigmentation marks and illuminates the skin so it becomes far more radiant. Night bright is to be used over any patches of irregular pigmentation and this will help normalise the skin and help repair the damaged skin.

These products can be ordered individualy. My personal favorite is the day bright, just put it over your moisturiser to provide a perfect even coverage to your skin, the illuminating particles will give your skin a health looking glow!